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Instagram 101 by Socializeee…


You know what we’re talking about. That famous little photo-sharing app? You know, the one with all the funky filters that gives your photos a little nostalgic feel? That’s right! Instagram. Funny name right? Well it actually means “Instant Telegram“. The creators, who are further discussed below, came up with this name from their deep love with old Polaroid cameras. They loved how the Polaroids were marketed as, ‘instant‘; and felt that the photos people were taking were sort of like ‘telegrams‘, in the way in which they could be sent to others.

The following page will be dedicated to the lucky photo app as Kit 3857865, Chantelle 3745371 and Pearl 3887726 explore the intricacies of Instagram and manage our own account.

And it all started with….

This is Kevin Systrom, he is the CEO and co-founder of Instagram. He studied at Stanford University and worked for Google before combining his interest of social media and photograph to finally produce Instragram, which is worldly known and used.

Along with Kevin, Mike Krieger, also co-founder of Instagram. Studied too at Stanford and is now Instagram’s main development and design team.

Launched in October 2010, Instagram had steamed off their side project on mobile photography called ‘Burbn’. In 2011 Instagram introduced hash tags to help users discover photos and each other. With the introduction to fancy filters and boarders users began to use Instagram more and so followed investors. Whereby, in early 2011 Instagram, raised $7 million in investors and $25 million is a deal value. Instagram’s value is forever increasing; Instagram is available on the android, iPad, iPhone and iPod.


When Instagram released its first application in October 2010, who knew that in less than two years later it would have more than 50 million users worldwide and be sold for a cool $1 billion? The successful and popular photo-sharing service has exploded and expanded since its release, thanks in part to its adoption by many other successful platforms.

Everyone knows, the Apple Company, as well as their products, has long been the favorite with tech-savvy users worldwide. Their products can be found in nearly every household, and whenever a new iPhone or iPad model is released loyal customers queue for hours. So it’s no surprise that when Instagram was initially released into Apple’s ‘App Store’ it would create a buzz. Owners of iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch were able to access the photo-sharing app; with over thirty million people quickly downloaded it. Instagram quickly went on to become one of the hottest apps in the Apple Store. Apple had indeed helped put Instagram ‘on the map’.

Soon social media sites were adopting it too. Links to Instagram accounts were being incorporated, and websites such as statigram, followgramme, webstagram, extragram, gramfeed and pinstagram were being created and used to cash in on the hype. More sites available here.

In April 2012, less than 18 months after its release, Instagram was finally made available to Android users through Google Play. So people who didn’t have an Apple product were able to join in on the frenzy through their own smartphones. In less than one day, it was already downloaded over one million times. In this video, anchor Christina Hartman addresses the Android app release, and Instagram’s growing user count. The introduction into a more cheaply priced platform allowed the app to grow and reach a wider audience (those who cannot afford an Apple product). However this move was not without some controversy. Comparisons between the apps across the two different platforms can also be read about more clearly here.

Rewind to just a months ago, possibly the biggest adoption in Instagram’s short lifespan, social network giant Facebook officially acquired the hot app for $1 billion in cash and stock, the video coverage here. The acquisition sent lovers of the independent app into a spin with many feeling upset by the deal; Ann Handley reacted with,

“To its fans, Instagram is a social network that many value enough to potentially pay to access. Yet it was purchased by a network many would never pay to access. And that, I suppose, is the nature of irony…you can’t help but feel a sense of doom about the whole arrangement”,

while @AmirKassaei wrote

 “Instagram just officially died today”.

Poll results, “what do you think of Facebook buying Instagram?”

However despite the backlash, Instagram is showing no signs of slowing down. The app is now in reach of everyone. Instagram has truly gone global.

For further reading about the Facebook acquisition check out the following:


It’s less than two years old and amazing to note how huge Instagram has become. Within one week it had 100,000 users; two months later the app giant had one million registered users and as of July 2012, Instagram hit above the 80 million mark, and it’s still climbing!

To look at things in a different way, it took Twitter five years to reach 100 million users and social network Facebook just over four years to hit that mark!! John Paul Titlow comments on the growth rate here, while the New York Times cover the app’s success here.

The photo app became popular with users worldwide because of its simplicity and its ability to help anyone produce and share beautiful photographs. As said in this video, “Instagram is enabling an army of cellphone users to creatively capture the world and events around them…Maybe Instagram has turned everyone into a potential photojournalist”. It started out as a mobile application which worked extremely well because it was released during a time when everyone was buying smartphones.

Smart Phone Galore !

It’s availability to both the Apple and Android users boosted its profile and expanded its community. Creator Kevin Systrom told Venture Beat, “The combination of Android and network effects as more people use Instagram mean that we’re able to grow faster now more than ever.” It’s almost like, if you throw a stone you’re bound to hit an Instagram user.

In addition, its rapid growth can be credited to its close association with other social media giants. Popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr have users flooding their accounts with photographs, no doubt causing many others to download the app and join in as well. These social media sites are helping Instagram to grow and thrive.

Yet it is not only the common folk who religiously use the app. Celebrities, famous brands and even television organisations are using and incorporating the photo wonder as it allows for more audience interaction. Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is on prime time television connecting with everyday people everywhere. Of its use of Instagram, Joe Ruffalo, a senior vice president at ABC News Digital, reports,

delivering news photos on Instagram [is] a way to reach people on a more intimate level…it provides a very different perspective…” 

Celebrities can be seen posting their Instagram photos to Twitter, connecting with their 1 million+ followers worldwide. For example, Lady Gaga, a Twitter heavyweight, at the moment has 29,774,793 followers and connects with them through posting her daily experiences and photos online; others use it to promote their new movies, music, television shows and endorsements.

Twitter Heavyweight, and ‘Mother Monster’, Lady Gaga uses the social media site to connect to her fellow, ‘little monsters’.

Famous Chef, Jaime Oliver uses the site to connect and promote.

And then there are brands that utilize Instagram’s quirky filters to connect, attract and build their audiences. Utilizing this craze is certainly paying off with customer engagement soaring, proving to be good for business. Cecilia Liu, digital marketing manager at Kate Spade, says Instagram is, “appealing because the company could mix in a little more personality and behind-the-scenes glimpses than it would on Facebook and twitter.” 

Starbucks Coffee is another big contender in Instagram ‘branding’. Their profile and photos are giving followers access to glimpses ‘into life at Starbucks’, letting fans voice their opinions and comments through the #Starbucks hashtag which also allows for anyone and everyone to contribute to their photostream. For more info click here!

Indeed, the notion of Instagram ‘branding’ and the genius behind it is incredible. For further reading on this hot topic :

With growth in all these different directions, it’s no surprise that there are millions of users out there uploading thousands of photographs each second! Commenting on the growing Instagram addiction, creator Kevin Systrom states,

I think images are an incredibly accessible medium, you don’t have to speak English to be able to enjoy photos from around the world…We’re visual beings and we love being stimulated visually.”

The numbers are in and the figures are soaring; forget the internet and globalization, Instagram is closing the distance between people and places worldwide. This hot app download is here to stay!

What differentiates from other kinds of media?

At its core, and as it is described to be, Instagram is a photo-sharing app. This particular social network allows for people to maintain profiles and connect through their photographs they take. Yet people still ask, “If you can share photographs on Twitter and Facebook, what makes Instagram so special?” The answer is the filters, effects and the way the app allows you to create something like art. What you produce is no ordinary snapshot of a moment, but rather a beautiful piece of art.

Reality VS Instagram.

Even creator Kevin Systrom talks about his project and what makes it unique and popular from other successful media in this video. However, with its ever-growing popularity and mammoth success, photo-sharing has now become a popular faucet of social media. Facebook photo-sharing, and the ‘tagging’ option has boomed, as well as the explosion of other social site Pinterest.


The demographic of Instagram is slightly targeted at a younger age. Therefore it is understood the type of social media the younger generation is going through. The age is between 18 -35 years. This varies compared to Facebook which has a larger demographic of 25 – 34 and 55+.

Instagram main target to allow socializing through pictures, utilizing the benefits that most gadgets, such as smart phones, tablets and mp3 players have a built in camera, to be shared around the world. Besides that, with its instant filter option, people can now make a simple picture look vintage or hip, which could only be done professionally through Adobe Photoshop or Filtered camera lenses. This therefore allows a user to take pictures that look as if it cost more and are more unique.

The young generation these days tend to use images as a ways to self-express themselves. This is because the new generations are not patient enough to read and loose interest as soon as the text gets too long. With images on the other hand, expressions can be found within the picture without describing it using many words. With the built in filters, one can set the tone, mood and focus point of the image to strengthen the message trying to convey within the image.

Instagram also takes the benefit of having high megapixel cameras in gadgets to therefore be able to take nice clear pictures without having to bring out a camera. This therefore makes it instant and in real time. Location can be tagged in the photo to let people know where the photo was taken.

Business is also one of Instagram’s main target audience. These days, businesses use this photo-sharing app to communicate with customers. This is because by using Instagram, it allows a business to in some way self market itself and spread around the world through its sharing options to other social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr. Brands such as National Geographic, Pepsi, CNN and Starbucks started taking advantage of this new popular self-advertising app. Even Instagram came out with a section in its Help Center titled Instagram for Business.


The interaction in Instagram initially started off as a photo-sharing app that enables users to take a photo anytime, anywhere. The company claim it the idea was already there, having other social media sites such as Flickr and Tumblr using the same photo-sharing idea. Instagram reinvented the idea and came out with a unique concept to reuse the idea while including filters to therefore suit the needs of our modern day photography art. Now anyone can take instant and real-time polarize photos. These photos are then uploaded to the Instagram cloud for other users to view and comment. Besides that, option to share on Facebook and Twitter complimented the concept created by Instagram making it an ideal site to self advertise ones photos.

With that main idea, they expanded by having Instaframes and Instamessenger. This allowed user to create frames and design collages using its templates provided. After uploading, users can also message each other or send pictorial messages. This is to cater to our modern society where an image speaks closer to the intention than words in terms of emotions and idea. This allows an image to speak the idea and intention while using fewer words to complete the message as a whole.


The main feature of Instagram are the filter that give a polarise effect.




X-pro ll














As mention before, these effects brings different emotions and meaning within the picture.

Below are the steps to uploading pictures on Instagram.

Step 1: Take a picture

Step 2: Choose a filter

Step 3: Choose a focus point (Blurring other and leaving subject sharp)

Step 4: Type a caption

Step 5: Select different sharing site (if you want to)

Step 6: SHARE it to the world!

Final Image!!


Select the amount of picture in a frame

Insert pictures into picture slots and edit desired settings

Final Image!!


So Insta-what again?

Its Instagram!! 

Brought to you by Socializeee…


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